Meet Your Coaches

Let us help you tap into YOUR inner strength!

Lauren Trinsey

Lauren has been certified with the American Council on Exercise since 2006 and holds a BS and MS in Exercise Physiology. She has always made physical fitness a priority and believes everyone should have the good health they deserve. Lauren is passionate in supporting you to become stronger in mind and body and has a personal mantra of training smarter not harder. Her areas of expertise include: endurance running, funcitonal movement, and injury prevention.

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Heather Reynolds

Heather has been a certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise since 2014 and also holds certifications from Precision Nutrition Level 1, GGS Pre-Post Natal, and TRX.  The decision to leave the corporate world and pursue her passion for fitness was so right, as ever since she is found helping people dig into their "why". Motivating and challenging people to push past previously set limitations is what sets her soul on fire.